Termination of Coverage

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Covered members remain eligible for benefits until the end of the month in which they were last on active pay status. However, under the terms of the contract between the Welfare Fund and the life insurance carrier, you have the privilege of converting to a direct payment life insurance plan within 31 days after your Welfare Fund coverage terminates.This conversion privilege is described in the section on life insurance. 

Benefits to Family of Deceased Member

Welfare  Fund family benefits will continue to be provided to eligible dependents for a period of six months following the death of a covered member.  Eligible dependents include the spouse and unmarried dependent children up to their 19th birthday and between their 19th and 23rd birthday if they are full-time students  in an accredited educational institution.

The Welfare Fund family benefits which continue for a six month period are : Dental - Prescription Drugs-Optical - Hearing Aid Appliances and Prosthetic Appliances.  In addition, the Welfare Fund maternity and abortion benefit are provided to the wife of a deceased member who is pregnant at the time of the member's death. 

How Are These Benefits Provided?

For example, if a covered member died on June 15, 1976 and is survived by a spouse and two eligible children, the family would be provided with the benefits described above through December 14, 1976.




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