Enrollment is Necessary for Coverage

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In order to receive benefits, employees must have completed and signed the white SSEU Local 371 Benefit Funds Enrollment Card, and the card must have been returned to the Funds' office. Enrollment Cards are available directly from the Welfare Fund Office. For your convenience,Enrollment Cards are often available through the Union delegate at your work location. Once the card is received by the Fund, the information on the Enrollment Card is entered immediately in the Funds' enrollment files, and a Welfare Fund Prescription Drug Card is mailed to the member.While waiting to receive a Prescription Drug Card, the member may have prescriptions filled at a participating pharmacy by providing his/her Social Security number, the Welfare Fund's Group Number, SSEU 371, and the name of the drug plan's administrator, "Medco Health Solutions", to the pharmacist. New employees who have not yet completed the Enrollment Card should keep receipts for covered services rendered since their date of hire, e.g., dental, optical, prescription drug, etc., so that they may file claims for reimbursement once their enrollment data is on file at the Fund office. Covered members who have any questions regarding their eligibility status should call the Enrollment section at 212.777.9000 ext.3502. You must complete and sign a new enrollment card if there are any changes in your marital status, your eligible dependents, your address or your beneficiary (beneficiaries), etc. Keeping the Fund informed of your current status assures the efficient processing of your claims and the prompt receipt of your benefits.


Actively employed members may decline coverage of Fund benefits (dental and optical) for themselves and/or any enrolled dependents at any time by completing a Declination of Coverage form, which can be obtained by contacting the Fund.

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