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As usual with the corporate special interests, they frame their ideological crusade as a defense of freedom. We need to turn that on its head – because, in fact, we are the ones fighting for freedom. AFSCME and the labor movement have always been about the freedom to build power in numbers, to stand in solidarity with one another and negotiate a fair return on our work. Everything we do every day is about advancing the freedom to provide for our families and spend time with them, to earn a decent living and retire with dignity. Everything the right does is about rigging the rules to undermine these freedoms.


Despite their best efforts, you may have seen yesterday that Gallup now pegs union approval among the general public at 61% - the highest level since 2003 and continuing an upward trend since 2009, when union approval stood at just 48%.


Yes, the other side has a message. But we have a better one. What we need is disciplined adherence to our message as we continue to lift up the lives and stories of public service workers. If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to utilize the Labor Day toolkit to make sure we are spreading our message far and wide this weekend and in the month ahead.



Lee A. Saunders



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