Layoffs Averted!

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On June 29 the City Council approved the Mayor’s budget for 2012 that restored funds for 22 Child Welfare Specialists (CWS), 3 Child Welfare Specialist Supervisors (CWSS), and 1 Congregate Care Worker targeted for lay offs in the Mayor’s budget announced on Friday June 23.

The City Council agreed with the Union’s position that these cutbacks would eliminate the TASA program and other vital positions in ACS. The Union mobilized an all-out effort to avert these layoffs that included the support of District Council 37, an anti-layoff media campaign, negotiations with ACS and talking to the City Council. In addition, membership support played an integral part by participating in the campaign, attending the Council hearings and leaflet distributions.

The original number of proposed lay-offs was 54. 

President Anthony Wells recognizes the tremendous efforts of the Union Political Action Committee and those members participated in achieving this job-saving success.  The Union is gratified that jobs and programs have been saved and will continue to fight cuts to Social Services wherever they are proposed.

Social Service Employees Union Local 371
817 Broadway, New York, NY 10003