State Senator Savino Defends Unions

State Senator and former SSEU Local 371 VP Diane Savino spoke passionately recently about defending unions. Check out this video, which needs to go viral. Spread the word!

The Chief on Tier 6, Caseworker Roles

A recent article in The Chief-Leader covered both SSEU Local 371 and DC 37 on worries about reduced Caseworker roles and the Tier 6 pension proposal: 

"Reducing Caseworker Role, Tier 6 Plan Worry DC 37"

By: David Sims, March 2, 2012

Next Wave Meeting

The next Next Wave (youth caucus) meeting will be March 15 at 6:30 p.m. on the 12th floor of the Union's office. Members between the ages of 18 and 40 are welcome to come and share their ideas. This is a new and exciting direction for our Union and we look forward to seeing members join this group. 



More Overcrowding Coverage

The local media continues to notice the overcrowding at jobs and benefits centers where SSEU Local 371 members and other union workers serve a growing client population. 

Assault Bill Push in Assembly

The Assault Bill, one of the Union’s top legislative priorities, still needs support in the Assembly in order to make it to the Governor’s desk. We are asking members to call and send letters to the State Assembly’s Chair of the Codes Committee, Joseph Lentol of Brooklyn. 

Fighting Back against Tier 6

The Municipal Labor Committee will begin a media campaign to oppose Governor Cuomo’s push for a Tier VI pension. SSEU Local 371 is part of this fight back against an inferior retirement plan for future civil servants.

Send Cuomo a Valentine!

Governor Cuomo's pension reform is a bad plan for workers and a bad plan for taxpayers. Let him know with a little Valentine's Day message.

Black Heritage Celebration

Join the Union this Friday, Feb. 3 for the Black Heritage Celebration, at DC 37 Headquarters, Barclay St. at 5:30 p.m. The keynote speaker will be activist and scholar Angela Davis, and will highlight the life and leadership of our departed president, Charles Ensley. 

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