CONCON is called Proposal 1 on your ballot!

We Urgently Need Your Active Participation to Help Protect Workers' Compensation


The New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance, together with NYCOSH, the Worker Protection Coalition, NYSTLA and many others, has launched a campaign to make certain that injured workers are heard by the Workers’ Compensation Board, the Legislature, and all who are involved or affected by the proposal to effectively eliminate schedule loss of use awards.

ATTENTION! Date change for the Associate Fraud Investigator Exam Court case

RE: Associate Fraud Investigator Exam Court case

AFSCME pledges to be there for Puerto Rico


City Managers pay for parental leave policy...

City managerial employees gave up more than they got back under Mayor de Blasio’s paid parental leave policy — which netted the city $5.8 million in its first year, a new analysis found.

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National Day of Remembrance

TODAY: March & Rally to support Spectrum Workers!

COME OUT to Latino Heritage on Friday!

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