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District Council 37 Education Committee Scholarships for Members' Dependent Children

The DC 37 Education Committee offers a number of scholarships for dependent children and grandchildren of eligible DC 37 members and retirees. These scholarships are for applicants who are graduating high school seniors who will be entering their first year of college or college students entering their first or second year of undergraduate study and each scholarship award is $1,000.

Stu Eber in the Riverdale Press: Don't trust CON CON!


Say no to constitutional convention

Posted June 9, 2017

To the editor:

There are almost never simple solutions to complex challenges, and for this reason, a no vote on a constitutional convention is the only sensible choice for New Yorkers this November.

It's now easier for union members to deduct dues on state taxes

After a strong push by the New York State AFL-CIO, Governor Cuomo signed into law a state budget that now allows union members to deduct the entire amount of their union dues on their state tax returns. For more information, see below.

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