Local 371 Attends Rally Against Layoffs

On Tuesday October 4 President Wells and Union members joined with our fellow members at Local 372 and DC 37 to fight for the 800 school support staff members who were targeted for termination. The press conference and rally was well attended by members from all Unions and Politicians as well as AFSCME International Secretary Treasurer Lee Saunders.

DOITT Workers Laid Off

The Union efforts to stop the layoff of the 18 DOITT employees have been unsuccessful. As of October 7, 1 retired, 1 went back to a different title and 16 were laid off. The Union is continuing the fight to find alternative employment for the laid off members. 

UPDATE: Union Says: Don’t DoITT!

On Friday, September 23, the City told 18 of our members at the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications—311 call center workers, specifically—that they would lose their jobs.

Local 371 at the African American Day Parade

Local 371 at the African American Day Parade

The Union would like to thank all the members and their families who came out to African American Day parade in Harlem September 17. Participants took time to honor District Council 37 Executive Director Lillian Roberts. 


The Union Settles SUP II/SUP III Lawsuit

The City of New York has offered to settle the Union’s lawsuit challenging Supervisor II and Supervisor III exams. The basis of the challenge is that the point system created by DCAS gives an unfair advantage to provisional employees. The City is expected to sign the settlement stipulation shortly and offer a new exam.

The Union and City Settle the Addition to Gross Case

The Union and the City have agreed to a new increase to gross payment—that is, an increase to the three categories in addition to a worker’s base pay: title longevity, assignment differential and uniform allowance.

The settlement calls for an increase of 5.47 percent retroactive to March 3, 2010. No payment dates have been announced.

New York Magazine Examines the Bell/Adams Case

The tabloids have been anything but fair when it has come to Chereece Bell and Damon Adams, the two former ACS workers who have been wrongly charged with negligent homicide in the tragic case of Marchella Pierce.

Associate Job Opportunity Specialist I Pool

There will be a Associate Job Opportunity Specialist I Pool on September 8, 2011. At 180 Waters Street 12th floor, 8:30 a.m..

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